Duscovent Engineering Limited are specialists in the air pollution control industry, providing systems and products to meet stringent plant safety requirements at sites in Britain and Europe.

Staffed by a team of fully qualified engineers of high technical ability and with many years experience in air pollution control techniques, Duscovent Engineering Limited has the expertise and capability to identify and assess industry’s air pollution requirements, then design, detail, manufacture, install and commission the plant that will satisfy that need. All design and management is carried out in-house and we pride ourselves in giving a professional service to our clients.

Our success can be gauged by the fact that much of our business is derived from clients we have dealt with over many
years and continue to return to us.

Our client list includes companies in the traditional heavy industries such as metals and mineral processing as well as
chemical and pharmaceutical manufacture and food processing. We are also a major supplier of local exhaust ventilation systems to schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK.

Each branch of industry has its own particular environmental issues and engineering requirements. Duscovent Engineering Limited has the expertise to help solve them. This can be on a consultancy basis where we carry out the project design and prepare specifications or more usually by providing a turnkey installation where all aspects of a contract are our responsibility.

Individual products may also form part of the extract system and these include the DUSJET dust collector, which incorporates reverse jet cleaning of either tubular, pad type or pleated media.

The DUSMATIC dust collectors are a range of self-contained freestanding auto shake clean filters incorporating an integral fanset, fabric filter media and collection bins.

Other designs include DUSPRAY self induced wet scrubbers with no moving parts, SUPERJET dust suppression systems and cassette type collectors which are made up in sections for rapid media replacement.

Duscovent Engineering Limited also provides a wide range of vacuum cleaning systems for both industrial and commercial

Industrial systems are used for factory cleaning, transport of materials, re-cycling and local extraction. These systems are generally installed with a fixed pipe work system using heavy-duty mild steel tubing with a range of tooling to suit the particular application.

Typically, systems have been installed within chemical and pharmaceutical production areas, cement packing facilities,
foundries, glass, GRP & plastic production areas and food factories to help with general cleaning as well as having the
facility to remove large spills when required.

Commercial systems are used for light or domestic type cleaning within commercial properties such as large office buildings, hospitals, nursing homes and halls of residence. Filter plant is usually installed within a basement or dedicated plant room and connected to wall mounted inlet valves by a system of plastic pipe work hidden within the building fabric. This allows for a reduction in noise pollution at the point of cleaning and prevents the collection of waste bags being seen ‘front of house’.


Duscovent Engineering Limited also offer a full range of testing, maintenance and service fume extraction design expertisecontracts to provide support for the everyday running of our clients local exhaust ventilation systems. This can cover equipment of our supply as well as existing plant previously installed by others.

The majority of our work is for the UK market as the companies’ prime activity is the design and supply of systems to solve environmental problems requiring on site assessment, however, an increasing percentage of our turnover is for the export market.

We are also able to undertake electrical installation as part of a turnkey package. We would carry out the work using qualified and approved contractors, the same would apply to any builders or civil works that may be required.