Dust Extraction

Duscovent has the expertise and capability to identify and assess industrial air pollution and dust extraction requirements.
We design, detail, manufacture, install and commission the equipment needed to solve such problems.

Fume Extraction

We provide ventilation solutions for industrial processes that generate fumes and odours such as welding, chemical and pharmaceutical production, solvent use, laboratory operations, GRP processing, motor vehicle exhaust and many more.

LEV Testing

All LEV systems must be tested regularly in line with the HSE guideline document HSG 258 and to conform to the current COSHH regulations by competent, experienced engineers.

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Powerful and effectiveExtraction Systems

The fine dust remains airborne and is filtered by the tubular media. The cleaned air passes through the media and is discharged either back into the workshop or out to atmosphere.

Duscovent Engineering Limited are specialists in the air pollution control industry, providing systems and products to meet stringent plant safety requirements at sites in Britain and throughout the world.


LEV Spares

An extensive range of LEV spares are available including filter bags, sleeves, cartridges, polythene collection sacks, pulse controllers and valves, door seals, hinges and handles, shaker motors and linkages, air flow indicators.

Vacuum Cleaning

With great experience of the supply of industrial central vacuum cleaning systems.
From a large foundry to a small food production area, each system is designed to suit the particular application.

Dusmatic Filter

The DUSMATIC auto shake clean filter is a compact, self-contained dust collector with integral fan, filter and shake clean system. Designed to remove dusts from the most arduous and hazardous of workplaces.

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